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FAQs or Questions

1. Are your prices in US dollars or Canadian dollars? All prices appearing on the website are in United States dollars.

2. Why are the drugs so cheap in Canada? Canadian government has strict price controls, which it negotiates with all pharmaceutical companies. We pass these savings directly to you.

3. Are Canadian brand medications the same as in US? Same companies in the US and Canada manufacture all brand name drugs. Most of the medications are identical. There are some that may look different or have a different name, but the active ingredient is always the same click here for a partial list. Lots of your drugs sold in Canada are actually originally manufactured in US and then repackaged for sale in Canada, so you are getting an identical product.

4. Are the generic drugs that you sell safe? ? Generic medications are manufactured in Canada under stringent regulation of the Canadian Government and are used by millions of Canadians daily.

5. Why are some generic versions available for sale in Canada and not in the US? Because of different patent law expiration dates in Canada, generic versions are sometimes available sooner. These offer you substantial savings otherwise not available in US. Click here for a partial list

6. Are all prescription drugs cheaper in Canada? No, but the vast majority could save you 20 - 80% or more each time you place an order.

7. Can you transfer my prescription from my local pharmacy? Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept a pharmacy transfer.

8. Are there any other fees, besides the cost of medication ? Shipping for the first time customers is Free. Then just $10 per order. There are no other fees.

9. Do you sell narcotics? No, it is illegal for a Canadian pharmacy to mail a narcotic or controlled substance.

10. Do I need a prescription? Yes. A valid prescription from your doctor must accompany the Order Form.

11. How much of the medication can I buy? You can buy a maximum of 90 days supply of each medication at any one time. Your repeats however are automatically filled for you with no extra time or paperwork. It's easy and fast.

12. Why do you round up or down the quantity of medication?
Because of FDA requirement for your safety we only send original manufacturers sealed containers. All the quantities are rounded up or down depending on how many are originally packaged by the drug manufacturer in each container bottle. For example if you are ordering 90 tablets, and manufacturers bottle contains 100 tablets, 100 will be shipped. If you are ordering 110 tablets, still only 100 will be shipped. When the 90-day maximum supply rule is in conflict with shipping in manufacturers container rule, manufacturers sealed container rule takes precedent.

13. How do I pay? We make it easy for you to pay by accepting MasterCard. Due to the long order delays associated with the check clearing process, we do not accept personal checks at this time.

14. Do you accept insurance? Unfortunately Canadian Pharmacy Web cannot since the pharmacies are located in Canada and cannot accept foreign insurance.

15. Will my personal information stay private? Canadian Pharmacy Web will not release or otherwise share any of your personal medical or financial information with anyone or any entity, other than yourself or your doctor who prescribed the medications ordered, without your express written consent.

16. How long are my refills good for ? You will have as many refills as your doctor has authorized you to have on the prescription that you fax to us. The maximum your doctor can authorize is a one year supply.



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